Making a New Reservation:

The time I would like isn’t in the reservation system for the date I would like to travel. Why?

When is the cutoff for making a boat reservation?

Can I make a last minute reservation?

Do I need to make a reservation for my infant?

I'm having trouble selecting the homeowner name from the drop down list. Can you help?

Managing an Existing Reservation:

Why can't I just contact the caretaker to fix my reservation?

How much time do I have to cancel a boat reservation?

Am I charged a fee for canceling my reservation?

I can’t find my confirmation code. How can I get it?

I forgot to cancel my reservation and the boat has departed. What should I do?

Why can't I change the time of my reservation?

Why can't I change the passenger count for the remaining leg of my round trip?

I can't remember if I canceled or changed my reservation. What should I do?

I've read this page and still have questions. Who do I contact?